Monday, June 6, 2016

Tree of Savior

Since 10/05, online games ranks blockbuster Tree of Savior has officially opened for free, interested gamers can download games and registering an account at Home:
The first highlight of the Tree of Savior has come from the beautiful graphics, eye-catching style with quite ... unique. Movement of the characters in the game are quite smooth cared so flexible. The spell effects are also pretty eye-catching. Sound system designed alive and create a sense of excitement for the player in combat, or the melodious background music while in the special area.

Tree of Savior is built in the style open world (Open World). Therefore, the maps in the game are designed quite large and detailed. In particular, in the process of moving on the map, players can discover and defeat the hidden Boss to gain achievements for themselves as well as make money and items.
Mechanism fight in Tree of Savior is a combination of both target and non-target. Still, most of the players will only need to click on the target, then press the skill that the character will automatically attack without fear of miss. Even some self-direction skills available also quite convenient, the player does not need to click really precise.

According to the latest announcement, the blockbuster online game Tree of Savior will officially open the dedicated server are many neighboring countries as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on this 1/6. The players here are very glad to have been a personal playground as well as get rid of the lag phenomenon, server delay when playing in general.
This is indeed a good sign when the release of the Tree of Savior showed great respect Southeast Asian market and potentially the countries east gamers participated as Vietnam and Thailand will also be opened separately a server cluster to serve in the future.
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