Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dynamons 2

Coming to Dynamons 2 players will receive a free ticket to go to a fantasy world extremely funny, interesting and also get acquainted with different types of Pokemon. When you pass a level you will have the opportunity to pick up on more of the animals themselves by choosing to add other animals. Try to collect as much fun on their own, each species will have different skills, so the more interesting is the possibility of winning in the game will be higher. The war will never stop until one side's defeat, let attention to energy bar immediately below the character to know where the enemy is still healthy, or about to be defeated.

This is a role-playing game and give players become coaches of the very interesting Pokemon named Dynamons Free 2 was released for Android. participate in this game players will in turn train the children to get them Dynamons mighty confident and always fighting with enemies without fear of anything.

Have similar game play Dragon Dragon Mania training had made headlines on the app store, but instead of training we will train dragons, then our task is to train the Pokemon to turn them into brave heroes always confident hitting you every enemy.
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