Monday, June 6, 2016


Livelock will take players to the 22th century, where robots have become an emerging forces threatening the survival of humanity. Players will engage in game under the banner of Capital Intellect, which specializes in "load" of human memory in the machine, turn them into robots with human nature, destroy the robot Clusters, thereby protected defense for the survival of mankind.

Currently,debuted Livelock English homepage at:, but it is unclear exactly when the new game will test both doors in the Middle Korea and the World. As expected the game has enough versions for all three platforms PC, Xbox One and PS4.

In terms of gameplay, we can clearly see in the clip above here when livelock have a top-down perspective, create a feeling similar to a Diablo-style RPG, but it is paced shooter action with high . Since then, feels very strange new players by the uniqueness of the style controls his character.
Livelock is online shooter game Perfect World newly introduced in early 2016 and attracted the attention of the majority of gamers around the world, of course, Vietnam is not an exception. Recently at PAX East 2016 fair, a gameplay video trailer of the game was introduced to make people feel extremely excited by dramatic action gameplay and stunning graphics platform.
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