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Transformers: Earth Wars

Transformers: Earth Wars players brought to sharp 3D graphics. Besides the game, players will see firsthand the development of the characters in real time. Although the plot of Transformers: Earth Wars did not specify the part film but basically, all the characters of the Autobots and Decepticons both sides will appear in the game for the purpose of dominance Earth .

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Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile gaming genre to follow real-time strategy, different titles previously launched under the category of immersive, action. Join and the game, players will have the task of building bases and recruit the familiar character to dominate the earth. However, the features of the Transformers: Earth Wars is the player when set foot in the game will be forced to choose one of the Autobots and Decepticons 2 factions to develop.

Through the name of the game, you might have guessed read out Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile game based on the series themed movie, popular cartoon robot tranformer tell about aliens morph familiar as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, Grimlock, Ratchet, Bumblebee, ...
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War Tortoise

War Tortoise is a new generation tank shooter with graphics 3D interface literally. 

Game built many RPG elements like tables skill system, upgrade weapon mode and many different battlefields world very attractive. Overflow enemies to attack your base in waves hit similar alternating genres goalkeeper, the number of bullets and bombs also quite limited, so the game has a certain difficulty level, the player is not for amateurs.
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In the game, the true effects of fire smoke makes you hard to get rid off the familiar phone. It is quite strange that you would ride the giant turtle attacking the towers with machine weapons staging modern aircraft.
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Dynamons 2

Coming to Dynamons 2 players will receive a free ticket to go to a fantasy world extremely funny, interesting and also get acquainted with different types of Pokemon. When you pass a level you will have the opportunity to pick up on more of the animals themselves by choosing to add other animals. Try to collect as much fun on their own, each species will have different skills, so the more interesting is the possibility of winning in the game will be higher. The war will never stop until one side's defeat, let attention to energy bar immediately below the character to know where the enemy is still healthy, or about to be defeated.

This is a role-playing game and give players become coaches of the very interesting Pokemon named Dynamons Free 2 was released for Android. participate in this game players will in turn train the children to get them Dynamons mighty confident and always fighting with enemies without fear of anything.

Have similar game play Dragon Dragon Mania training had made headlines on the app store, but instead of training we will train dragons, then our task is to train the Pokemon to turn them into brave heroes always confident hitting you every enemy.
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Tree of Savior

Since 10/05, online games ranks blockbuster Tree of Savior has officially opened for free, interested gamers can download games and registering an account at Home:
The first highlight of the Tree of Savior has come from the beautiful graphics, eye-catching style with quite ... unique. Movement of the characters in the game are quite smooth cared so flexible. The spell effects are also pretty eye-catching. Sound system designed alive and create a sense of excitement for the player in combat, or the melodious background music while in the special area.

Tree of Savior is built in the style open world (Open World). Therefore, the maps in the game are designed quite large and detailed. In particular, in the process of moving on the map, players can discover and defeat the hidden Boss to gain achievements for themselves as well as make money and items.
Mechanism fight in Tree of Savior is a combination of both target and non-target. Still, most of the players will only need to click on the target, then press the skill that the character will automatically attack without fear of miss. Even some self-direction skills available also quite convenient, the player does not need to click really precise.

According to the latest announcement, the blockbuster online game Tree of Savior will officially open the dedicated server are many neighboring countries as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia on this 1/6. The players here are very glad to have been a personal playground as well as get rid of the lag phenomenon, server delay when playing in general.
This is indeed a good sign when the release of the Tree of Savior showed great respect Southeast Asian market and potentially the countries east gamers participated as Vietnam and Thailand will also be opened separately a server cluster to serve in the future.
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Basically, the gameplay is very similar to Overwatch Paladins when gamers also choose a certain minister of class and 'drop' on the map to fighting together in typical MOBA. The task of the player is taking the necessary points on the map itself, then proceed to destroy the enemy team's base, and of course his own side protection rampart.
Even how to control the viewing angle character first, moved by the buttons A, W, S, D, the basic attack by the left mouse button to use the skill in the Q, F, E, right ... also almost identical to Overwatch.
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Of course, there are differences Paladins also featured on skill, character as well as map, recoil of the gun, or the character's belongings. But basically play the 2 products have huge similarities and obvious.
In fact, to compare the progress between 2 degrees and this game is very difficult and can not be confirmed. But first huge similarity in genre, gamers how to play, then no conditions Overwatch key players can buy 'reference' pass play Paladins, ensuring gamers have brought to the screen hot MOBA gunfight burns, full of high-paced action and endless fun when combined with the team defeated rival, win.
Currently, the Paladins are in the testing phase and the participating players key test required $ 20 (buy founders pack). but just a few simple steps folow through the social network Twitter, YouTube or Instagram is that you have to play the game right, do not need to lose money.

For gamers who are interested in playing Paladins, you can follow these instructions to get the key demo. The first is access homepage address:, next press for Beta Sign Up button in the upper right corner and enter your email address private, which pass inspection and submit.
Then go to this link:, choose 1 of 3 social network Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, Paladins and press the channel's track, so that's done, you will receive the key of the game.

Also, according to the NSX revealed the Paladins will open officially in 2016 is completely free, gamers will not have to wait long to 'pass' the current closed beta.
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Chronicle: Runescape Legends

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends take gamers to a card game world is completely different in terms of graphics and gameplay. Whereby players will enjoy the unique features unique as create their own adventures, perform tasks and prove to the whole world see their own strength.
Similarly Hearthstone, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is an online card game is based on the world of another game, if Hearthstone is World of Warcraft, the Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is RuneScape. Another similarity is that both games are 2 multi-platform operating on platforms such as PC, Mobile, Tablet ...

In terms of graphics, up to the present time most of the game tokens dare confront with blockbuster titles Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft have failed in terms of the image while not giving the impression to the cause incredibly addictive but simple as gently as Blizzard's blockbuster. Meanwhile, if a fair comparison, it can be affirmed 3D graphics Chronicle: RuneScape Legends has turned it into one of those rare games cards background image beyond Hearthstone.

The whole character, image, location, as well as the whole world in the game are taken from RuneScape, the legendary MMORPG launched in 2001. Clearly the investment effort carried out part of the picture also brought the greater the advantage for this game, when players recognize the character they have sunk many years ago, but not as many titles fade eat other cards.
Launches new since the last 27/5 days, Chronicle: Runescape Legends has become one of the free online games super hot cards in the world. Currently interested gamers can easily attend the games via Steam at
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Livelock will take players to the 22th century, where robots have become an emerging forces threatening the survival of humanity. Players will engage in game under the banner of Capital Intellect, which specializes in "load" of human memory in the machine, turn them into robots with human nature, destroy the robot Clusters, thereby protected defense for the survival of mankind.

Currently,debuted Livelock English homepage at:, but it is unclear exactly when the new game will test both doors in the Middle Korea and the World. As expected the game has enough versions for all three platforms PC, Xbox One and PS4.

In terms of gameplay, we can clearly see in the clip above here when livelock have a top-down perspective, create a feeling similar to a Diablo-style RPG, but it is paced shooter action with high . Since then, feels very strange new players by the uniqueness of the style controls his character.
Livelock is online shooter game Perfect World newly introduced in early 2016 and attracted the attention of the majority of gamers around the world, of course, Vietnam is not an exception. Recently at PAX East 2016 fair, a gameplay video trailer of the game was introduced to make people feel extremely excited by dramatic action gameplay and stunning graphics platform.
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The Repopulation is an online role-playing game combines 3rd person shooter themed tuong.Fragmented author is a spin off version of RPGs extremely vast open world The Repopulation. Gamers will adventure in a world of the future, when humans set foot exploring new planets and faced a lot of strange enemies from across the vast universe.


The Repopulation can see gameplay shooter 3rd person mainstream, coupled with that, the ark also own character with equipped items featured. In addition to the ability to use high-tech weapons, players can also use skill by kicking, hitting very nice. Strangely online shooting games each server a play the online game Participate in this, you will be immersed in a vast open world, full of details, plus high interoperability.


The shooter online game super creative Vietnamese gamers can not
Unique main novelty of this game besides the usual game modes such as team play or destroy targets like the new Call of Duty is what creates the attraction for gamers to enjoy. For example, gamers will have to be extremely careful in choosing the server, because the server will have the phrase if you missed to your character dies, you will lose that character permanently. While there are only server allows you to confront the machine in the heated battle raid.


According to the latest news that we have been, all the fragmented The Repopulation each server will have the Asian version. This will be a good opportunity for Vietnamese gamers can try your hand in a most unique games ever created.
Add to that the battle style shooter 3rd person with breathtaking speed. It is the fact, The Repopulation can be likened to an online version of Mass Effect. The Repopulation present still in the development stage and is awaiting a large investment to complete the project. However, the probability of this impressive online game will launch in the next short while.

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Arena of Fate

The match in the Arena of Fate remains 5vs5 with 3 map divided familiar lane. The lane road are linked together in the middle, next to the forest creep appears the killing, players will get more power buff.
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In the game, the player's task is still trying to last hit creeps, kill enemy, knocking Tower to earn gold and especially on the level, plus skill points. The finish creep help players get more money than the gold. For example, typically, the player will get about 25-50 Gold to a note creep but if not, they will still get about 5 Gold for each creep killed uncle next door.

Another minus point in the Arena of Fate is the game limited time only for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if you have not been able to destroy the home's main rivals to finish the match, the result will be based on the ratio of the net and they defeated Tower.
In fact, the Arena of Fate brings many features quite similar to League of Legends, the gameplay, design and special maps are designed generals have much coincidence. Besides, the control mechanisms of the Arena of Fate with the 3rd point fixed from top to bottom there are also many similarities.
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