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Basically, the gameplay is very similar to Overwatch Paladins when gamers also choose a certain minister of class and 'drop' on the map to fighting together in typical MOBA. The task of the player is taking the necessary points on the map itself, then proceed to destroy the enemy team's base, and of course his own side protection rampart.
Even how to control the viewing angle character first, moved by the buttons A, W, S, D, the basic attack by the left mouse button to use the skill in the Q, F, E, right ... also almost identical to Overwatch.
You want to play the game more exciting and attractive refer to the following pages: 

Of course, there are differences Paladins also featured on skill, character as well as map, recoil of the gun, or the character's belongings. But basically play the 2 products have huge similarities and obvious.
In fact, to compare the progress between 2 degrees and this game is very difficult and can not be confirmed. But first huge similarity in genre, gamers how to play, then no conditions Overwatch key players can buy 'reference' pass play Paladins, ensuring gamers have brought to the screen hot MOBA gunfight burns, full of high-paced action and endless fun when combined with the team defeated rival, win.
Currently, the Paladins are in the testing phase and the participating players key test required $ 20 (buy founders pack). but just a few simple steps folow through the social network Twitter, YouTube or Instagram is that you have to play the game right, do not need to lose money.

For gamers who are interested in playing Paladins, you can follow these instructions to get the key demo. The first is access homepage address:, next press for Beta Sign Up button in the upper right corner and enter your email address private, which pass inspection and submit.
Then go to this link:, choose 1 of 3 social network Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, Paladins and press the channel's track, so that's done, you will receive the key of the game.

Also, according to the NSX revealed the Paladins will open officially in 2016 is completely free, gamers will not have to wait long to 'pass' the current closed beta.
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