Monday, June 6, 2016

Arena of Fate

The match in the Arena of Fate remains 5vs5 with 3 map divided familiar lane. The lane road are linked together in the middle, next to the forest creep appears the killing, players will get more power buff.
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In the game, the player's task is still trying to last hit creeps, kill enemy, knocking Tower to earn gold and especially on the level, plus skill points. The finish creep help players get more money than the gold. For example, typically, the player will get about 25-50 Gold to a note creep but if not, they will still get about 5 Gold for each creep killed uncle next door.

Another minus point in the Arena of Fate is the game limited time only for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, if you have not been able to destroy the home's main rivals to finish the match, the result will be based on the ratio of the net and they defeated Tower.
In fact, the Arena of Fate brings many features quite similar to League of Legends, the gameplay, design and special maps are designed generals have much coincidence. Besides, the control mechanisms of the Arena of Fate with the 3rd point fixed from top to bottom there are also many similarities.
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