Sunday, April 24, 2016

Scary Bubble Wrap

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This game is very easy. You do not need a plot or action. what you need to do to move with the mouse into a bubble. You do not need strategy; no rules and nothing in this game, and it's interesting that you get a score for every bubble you turn.
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This is the game continues the popular series of games Scary Maze. The game is entertaining as all the Scary Maze Game. you will be a lot of fun by screams, heart attack when you're really freaked out. but that's the good thing in this game.

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Bubble Wrap Game Levels

This game has a unique level. but enough to make you cry for a week. At this level all you have to do is break the blue bubbles, are arranged on your screen. You just go through all the large area full of bubbles and break them when you want. The balloon covered with thin and sensitive things like glass or something like that. you will find that when you Duo of playing this game.
you'll see a notice Before starting the game, so that you know and turn all bubbles help you reach a new level. Either way, a level is more than enough to meet all your needs. Also, make sure what you have is a bubble. If you reach a certain bubble and you turn it, you will have a little surprise. Also, make sure that you play the game in a full screen and with the sound as high as possible, so you can indulge in a full surprise.

You an even draw things with bubbles:

How to play Bubble Wrap Game

The game is quite easy. You don’t have plots or part of action. Everything you have to do is to go with the mouse on a bubble, give a click and pot it. You don’t need strategies; there are no rules, and the funny thing is that you even get a score for each bubble you burst.

The surprise of Bubble Wrap Game

Well, you can’t actually say that is a surprise. Is more like a nightmare. When you will reach a specific score straight within your face, on your screen, followed by a creepy and annoying scream, the face of a dead person will appear. When you will be focused to burst all the bubbles, and when you will think that soon you are going to finish the game with the highest score possible, the inevitable will happen. For a few seconds of pleasure you are going to have part of an entire week of nightmares. Have fun!

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